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Welcome to the 2013 Family Matters E-newsletter Archive

Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2013)

Common Law Marriage: Did You Accidentally Get Married?
My Husband’s Name is Not on the Deed. Why Does He Have to Sign?
Message in a Bottle? Digital Co-parenting With You, Your Ex and the Children
Can’t Afford to Hire an Attorney For Your Entire Case? Divorce Coaching May Be For You.
Divorce Magazine (Free Download – PDF)

Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2013)

Children who “Divorce” their Parents: Emancipation in NC
Divorce Guide (free download)
What’s in a Name? How Names are Established and Changed
“Grey” Property Division (after 50)
The Forensic CPA: Your Ally in Divorce

Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2013)

We’re Splitting Up – What About the Pets?
Fathers and Divorce: Learn How to Bond With Your Children Without Mom Being There
Recovering From Divorce is Like Climbing a Mountain, One Challenging Step After Another
Free Download: Co-parenting After Divorce

Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2013)

Divorce Recovery – Mars and Venus: Advice from John Gray
Stay Away and Focus on Healing: Ending a Destructive Relationship
The Trauma of Betrayal . . . Suffering the Trauma of an Affair
Free Download: Financial Divorce Guide

Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2013)

New Option – Collaborative Family Law
Your Divorce: Experiment with Happiness
Five Most Common Money Mistakes
Free Download: Divorce Magazine – Spring 2013


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