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Welcome to the 2014 Family Matters E-newsletter Archive

Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2014)
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor (or Thy Ex): Perjury in NC
Having an Affair with a Married Person? Three Big Reasons to Reconsider
Sign on the Dotted Line: Separation Agreements in NC

Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2014)
And Then There’s Graduation. . . (custody)
Your Nest Egg: Retirement and Divorce
All About Adoption: Procedure (Part 1 of 2)
Senior Citizens Handbook: Free Download

Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2014)
Do You Really Want to Give Your Ex the Authority to Pull Your Plug?
New Military Divorce Guide – Free Download
Sanity and Insanity When it Comes to Granting a Divorce
Can the House I Owned Before Marriage Become Marital Property?

Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2014)
Credit Report Peekaboo: Can My Ex Look at My Credit Report?
Who Has the Final Decision on a Child’s Medical Treatment — Doctor, Minor or Parents?
Don’t Roll the Dice: Try Family Financial Mediation

Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2014)
Child Abuse by the “Good” Parent
Announcement: VA Accreditation
Affairs of the Heart: Torts in Family Law
Just the Three of Us: You, Me and Uncle Sam

Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2014)
Life and Death and Family Law: The People
Life and Death and Family Law: The Financial Matters
American Indians and Family Law

Family Matters E-newsletter (June 2014)
Rules of Engagement: Prenuptial Agreements
Strange Bedfellows: Marital Fault in North Carolina
Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Courts

Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2014)
Child Neglect in North Carolina
Safe Surrender Laws
Divorce Magazine Spring 2014 (free download)
Anatomy of a Subpoena
Focus on: The Carolina Pregnancy Center
The Pit Bull Lawyer

No February, March or April 2014 Issues

Family Matters E-newsletter (January 2014)
Bigamy and Polygamy: The More The Marry-er?
Legally Separated: Are We There Yet?
What Are Divorce Papers?
What Exactly is Child Abuse and Who Must Report It?


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