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Welcome to the 2015 Family Matters E-newsletter Archive

Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2015)
Five Myths About Child Support in North Carolina
How Do I Get My Name Off the Mortgage?
Marital Property on the Chopping Block: Is it Always 50/50?

Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2015)
Who Has the Final Say, the Client or the Lawyer?
Separate Property in a Nutshell
Should You Settle or Let the Judge Decide?
Doing the Right Thing: Reporting Abuse of the Disabled

Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2015)
Medical Expenses and Child Support
New Identities for Victims of Domestic Violence
Statutory Rape and the Age of Consent in NC

Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2015)
Passports and You Kids: Got a Ticket to Ride?
Child Custody Mediation in NC Courts
Basics of Child Support and Health Insurance
New Law: Civil No-Contact Orders For Victims of Sexual Assault

Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2015)
Businesses in NC Marital Property Division Cases
Untying the Knot: Alimony in Our State
New Law: Rights of the Terminally Ill to Try Experimental Treatment
Home Sweet Home? Can My Child Choose Where to Live?

Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2015)
Veterans and Military Families in Divorce and Separation.
Airing Dirty Laundry: Alienation and Criminal Conversation Claims.
The ABCs of College Expenses.
What is Guardianship in North Carolina?

Family Matters E-newsletter (June 2015)
Too Close For Comfort: Legal Consequences of Incest
Social Media, the Legal System and Digital Footprints
Broken Hearts & Legal Claims for Breach of the Promise to Marry
How Much Will My Case Cost?

Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2015)
Things Aren’t Always What They Seem: Fraud in North Carolina
Surrogacy in North Carolina: What Can You Expect?
Domestic Violence Cases & Rights of Gun Owners

Family Matters E-newsletter (April 2015)
Unborn Children: Custody, Visitation, Guardianship and Neglect
Financial Fault in North Carolina Property Division
Finding Yourself: Unique Birth Certificate Dilemmas

Family Matters E-newsletter (March 2015)
Sex and Slander: Defamation in North Carolina
Show and Tell: Do You Really Need to Disclose Everything to Your Attorney?
How Do You Feel . . . Is Your Attorney Listening to You?
Family First: Four Caregiver Tips for Hospital Stays

Family Matters E-newsletter (February 2015)
Say It Ain’t So: Annulment, Void and Voidable Marriages in North Carolina
Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts
Did We Reconcile or Are We Still Separated?
Why Does Court Take So Long?

Family Matters E-newsletter (January 2015)
Three’s a Crowd: Invisible Adoption Rights of Some Fathers in NC
Who Keeps Your Friends When You Split?
Are Bad Parents Rewarded in Custody Cases?

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