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The Letter of the Law (December 2018)
What in the World is Divisible Property?
Second Thoughts About Separating: Should We Reconcile?
Free-Trader Agreements in North Carolina
Biofeedback: Another Tool For Managing Divorce Stress

The Letter of the Law (November 2018)
Meet Our New Attorney Lindsey Weaver Alday
Overview of Personal Injury Law
Is Credit Card Debt Marital?
Can’t We Just Pick a Date of Separation and Get Our Divorce?

Family Matters e-Newsletter (September 2018)
Standing: Who Can and Can’t File for Custody
Life or Death Decisions: Healthcare Powers of Attorney
What is Marital Property in North Carolina?

Family Matters e-Newsletter (August 2018)
What Do All Those Custody Labels Really Mean? (2 of 2 – Physical Custody)
Is a 529 College Savings Plan a Gift to a Child or Marital Property?
The Trial: A Chaotic Experience

Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2018)
What Do All Those Child Custody Labels Really Mean in NC? (1 of 2 – Legal Custody)
My Ex Is Using the Attorney That I’m Paying For!
21 Divorce Experts All Share Their #1 Tip (Ms. Edwards is #16)
Clients and Attorneys Going in Different Directions: Marital Fault or Bad Behavior by the Other Parent

Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2018)
Domestic Violence Protective Orders
Contempt of Court in North Carolina
What Do Judges Consider in Alimony Cases?

Family Matters E-newsletter (April 2018)
The Top 3 Mistakes That Parents Make in Custody Cases
Why Are They Doing This? Motives in Family Law Disputes
Digital Privacy: Does Your Separation Agreement Have It?

Family Matters E-Newsletter (January 2018)
Can My Underage Daughter Get an Abortion Without Me Knowing?
How a Contract Magically Becomes a Court Order: Incorporation
The Top Five Reasons a Divorce Matters in North Carolina

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