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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?

By Lindsey Weaver Alday

The Insurance Adjuster and Coverage

The insurance adjuster is NOT your friend. The adjuster will attempt to gain your trust. He or she will treat you so kindly, recording your every word. You will minimize your injuries when speaking to them because we like to please others (and it is a Southern thing to do). This will be used against you later. Something that is innocent, or out of your control, can be used and twisted by an experienced defense attorney in court and sometimes the best way to deal with this fact is to prevent these issues before they happen. Example: The office staff delayed your referral. At trial, the defense attorney argues that you must not have been that hurt because you didn’t seek treatment urgently.

The Personal Injury Lawyer

Most importantly, if you are not represented by an attorney, then the insurance company knows that you most likely will not take them to court yourself. When you are represented by an attorney, your threats to take them to court in order to be treated fairly will not be idle threats. Knowing the ins and out of insurance coverage and where to look for additional insurance coverage is an essential part of the service your personal injury attorney provides.

By using her knowledge of the law and insurance coverage, your attorney can maximize your recovery by tens of thousands of dollars under the right circumstances. Most likely, this is your first accident or injury due to someone’s negligence. Your lawyer has extensive experience with these types of claims and the law that affects their value. Don’t wait until you have been extended a low offer before you call your attorney. Unavoidable damage may have already been done to your claim. 

Medical Treatment and Protecting Your Legal Claim

Issues with medical providers come up. Issues with medical billing come up. Issues with insurance payments and insurance reimbursement come up. Delay in medical treatment can occur and hurt the value of your claim. There are many things that can, and do happen along the road of your physical recovery. Your lawyer can help you to navigate these issues to protect the value of your claim. Your personal injury attorney helps you to preserve evidence of your damages.

We appreciate it most when our client focuses on getting better and we focus on preserving evidence and protecting the value of your claim. Taking photographs, calling often to get updates on client recovery, and assisting in presenting and describing your recovery are all things your attorney will do to add value to your claim. If you don’t think like an attorney, and you trust the insurance company to treat you fairly, you may forget just how bad your injury looked or just how bad it hurt by the time you are ready to fight for a settlement.

Estimating the Value of Your Claim

Each case is unique and completely independent of any other case your attorney has handled. Also, no one can tell you the absolute value of your claim. You will only know the value of your claim if you litigate it in open court and get a verdict either from the judge or a jury of your peers. Your attorney has a better ability at estimating a value range for what is fair because your attorney has experience with the trial process and jury verdicts.


This information is not legal advice. An attorney must communicate with you (or someone acting on your behalf) to evaluate your particular circumstances. No attorney-client relationship is formed by viewing this web page. Our attorneys are licensed only in the state of North Carolina. Call us at 252.758.3430. (c)2018 

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