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Domestic Violence 

The term domestic violence is a very broad term, which includes many types of behavior. The court decides whether there is domestic violence on a case-by-case basis. For behavior to meet the definition of “domestic” violence, the parties have specific kinds of relationships.

Most commonly, parties are spouses, former spouses, persons of opposite sex who live together or have lived together, or persons who are related (such as parents and children, or grandparents). In North Carolina, the most frequent types of domestic violence include attempting to (or causing) cause bodily injury, and placing someone in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. A court may grant a domestic violence protective order (called a DVPO), which may be entered on a temporary emergency basis.

DVPOs will usually require the Defendant to stay away from the Plaintiff (the party who sought the DVPO), including his or her residence and place of employment. Although a DVPO is a civil court order, the violation of a DVPO is a crime.  The court may include numerous other things in a DVPO, depending on the individual circumstances.

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