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Collaborative Family Law (CFL) Fees

Each attorney sets his or her own fee schedule, based on his or her own experience and expertise. While there are certain Collaborative Family Law (CFL) cases that will cost less than litigation, that is not necessarily the case. In the CFL process, the parties must agree to share information, such as information about assets and debts. Voluntary sharing of this type of information avoids the cost of what is called discovery in litigation, an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

Another feature of cost saving in the CFL process is sharing the cost of experts, such as appraisers and CPAs.  Because the parties are all trying to find solutions instead of being adversaries, the parties avoid the cost of trial motions, depositions, and a host of other trial procedures that are costly. The parties in a CFL case must recognize each party must have access to funds to continue through the process.

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