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Required Documents 

We need the following documents in order to begin your case. If you do not have all of them, give us those that you do haves so we can begin to process your case. You don’t need an appointment to drop off the documents. 

  • In all cases, we need a copy of any prenuptial agreement (also called a premarital agreement), separation agreement, contract or court order regarding you and/or your spouse or co-parent.
  • In all cases, we need copies of all litigation documents or possible litigation, including any personal injury case, small claims case, pending criminal cases, foreclosure, domestic violence case or bankruptcy.


  • Documents required in Child Support Cases
  • Documents required in Alimony Cases
  • Documents required in Equitable Distribution Cases (Marital Property Division)
  • Documents required for All Three Kinds of Cases (Child Support, Alimony and Equitable Distribution)

Why We Need These Documents


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