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Domestic Violence or Discipline?

This is an interesting report about a man in Alabama who was jailed for domestic violence when he disciplined a child but he has now been vindicated. In NC, there are specific child abuse laws but the definition of “domestic violence” against a child is defined by NC Gen. Stat. §50B-1:

(1) Attempting to cause bodily injury, or intentionally causing bodily injury; or

(2) Placing the aggrieved party . . . in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or continued harassment . . . that rises to such a level as to inflict substantial emotional distress; or

(3) Committing any act defined in G.S. 14-27.21 through G.S. 14-27.33 (sexual offenses).



Personalized Domestic Violence Safety Plan (from the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services) 

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