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FAQs and Explanations of the Process

♦  Why Does Court Take So Long?

♦ Civil discovery, also known as Interrogatories and 

   Request for Production of Documents

♦  Protective Orders in Civil Discovery

♦  Spousal Privilege in NC Civil Cases

♦  How judges set child custody schedules

♦ Child custody mediation

♦ A word about social media

♦ How family financial mediation works

Child support and health insurance

♦ Read about depositions

♦ Information about subpoenas and motions to quash

Medical records

♦ Read about expert witnesses

♦ Is marital property always divided equally?

♦ Social Media, the Legal System and Digital Footprints

♦  How do you get your name off the mortgage?

What is separate property?

♦ Pleading the Fifth Amendment

♦  What Are Divorce Papers?

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