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As we age concerns of Dementia and Alzheimer’s become more prevalent. Unfortunately, the downside of aging are the often scary and prevalent medical problems that come along with it. When you or a loved one has diminished capacity, it is often necessary for someone to be “appointed” to act on your or their behalf.

We all need a little help from time to time, some of us more than others. The elderly especially may need help when making big life or legal decisions. A “guardian” is someone who is chosen or appointed to make legal decisions for another person who is unable to make those decisions on their own. Guardianship is often over a child or an individual who has become incapacitated through age or disability. Guardianship allows families to help their loved one receive the medical care they desperately need and deserve, as well as ensure their loved one’s assets are protected and financial mismanagement can be avoided.

Guardianships can be established through Powers of Attorney or Living Wills. In the absence of a Power of Attorney or Living Will, courts are tasked with establishing guardianships, and they typically appoint guardians in instances of incapacity or disability.

Tips For Extended or Frequent Hospital Visits

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