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Law Firm History

Amy Edwards Family Law was formerly known as Mattox, Davis & Edwards, P.A., which  began  its  existence as  Harrell & Mattox, a partnership created January 1, 1966.  It  has   been   located  on  West 2nd  Street  in  Greenville since 1973.  Until  March of 2014, the  firm  was  located  next   door  to  the current location which   is  313  West  Second  Street.  Mr. Fred T. Mattox is  the   original   founder  and   President  of   the  firm,  where he practiced until  his   retirement  in   2010.

Upon  his   retirement,  Mr. Gary B. Davis became  the  firm  owner  and  President until he  retired in  March  of 2014.  On  that  date,  Ms. Amy A. Edwards became the  firm  owner and  she has continued   to   practice  family  law   exclusively.    She   began  practicing with  the  firm  in 2000,  when  she graduated  from law school.  She is quite proud that Mr. Davis is  the  only   other  person   who  spent an entire legal career practicing with Mr. Mattox,  being fortunate to  have  had  a mentor like Mr.  Mattox.

For that, we remain grateful.

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