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Separation Agreements and Other Contracts       Mediation
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Legal and Family Relationships – Marriage, Divorce, Single, Bigamy, etc.
Children – Custody & Support, Adoption, Abuse, Paternity, Emancipation, etc.
Marital Property and Debt – Residence, Retirement, Credit Cards, Life Ins., etc.
Substance Abuse – Child Custody and Other Serious Parenting Issues, etc. 
Domestic Violence – Protective Orders, Links, Gun Ownership, etc. 
Military Families – Deployed Parents, Civil Relief Act, etc. 

Other Topics

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation, Collaborative, Arbitration, etc. 
Alimony and Marital Fault – Entitlement, Adultery, How It Is Determined, etc. 
Alienation of Affection & Other Torts – Fraud, Breach of Promise to Marry, etc. 
Senior Citizens – Elder Abuse, Grandparents Rights, Retirement in Divorce . . . 
American Indians – Indian Child Welfare Act, Recognized Tribes, etc. 
Birth Certificates – All Kinds of Info About These Vital Records

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