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We offer clients a strong work ethic combined with prompt and personalized client care.

Overview of Family Law:

Parents and Children
Separation, Divorce, Reconciliation, Annulment, Marriage, Unmarried Couples and Others
Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets and Debts 
Domestic Violence
Military Families
Miscellaneous (alienation of affection, etc.)

Get Specific Answers to Your Questions:

Confidential Consultations 
Does a Consult Mean I’m Represented? 
What if I’m Not Ready to Hire an Attorney?

Consider Ways to Resolve Your Case:

A Road Map For Getting to the Finish Line in Your Case (Summary of Options)
Negotiation and Agreement, including Separation Agreements and Other Contracts
Litigation (the Court Process)
Alternative Dispute Resolution:
          Financial Mediation
          Custody Mediation

Working With Your Lawyer

You and Your Attorney
Fees & Costs






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