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Tips For Hiring an Attorney

When you are considering which attorney you should hire, there are several main points to consider.

First, look at the experience the attorney has.  How long has he or she been practicing?  How long has that attorney practiced in the local area?  Or practiced in the particular type of law, such as family law?

Second, when you talk to the attorney at the consultation, consider his or her personality.  Is this someone who you feel comfortable confiding in, or is he or she intimidating or uninterested?  Do you get the feeling he or she will really listen to what you are saying?  It is common for family law cases to take a number of months or even years to complete, so be sure you feel good about the attorney.

Third, does the attorney “dabble” with a certain type of case here and there, or does the attorney focus on one area of practice?  Family law is a difficult area of the law to master. Family law changes very frequently, unlike some areas of the law.  Family law consists of both statutes (i.e., law written by the legislature), and cases from the NC Court of Appeals interpreting the law as written.  If the attorney dabbles, it can be difficult for him or her to stay current on both the statutes and all the cases.

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