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The NC SAVAN Program:

Statewide Automated Victim

Assistance and Notification



* Taken directly from the web site of the NC Department of Public Safety:


NC SAVAN, is a criminal justice information-sharing system that supports automated victim notification. NC SAVAN operates a 24-hour toll-free automated offender information and notification service.  Individuals may call the toll-free number, 877-NC SAVAN, (877) 627-2826, to learn about an offender’s status, to register for offender notification or to learn about victim assistance resources in their area. Notifications are provided in English and Spanish and translation services are available in more than 100 languages relative to services provided by SAVAN.  Once registered, users may receive offender notifications through automated telephone and e-mail notifications, or by downloading telephone applications. This service is meant to augment victim services offered by key agencies.




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