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When Money Runs Low: Options for Clients

Q. HELP! I’m not even near the end of my case, but I’m at the end of my money! My mom says that she won’t finance my divorce case anymore, and I have no money of my own – my husband took it all.

Q. But if I try to get money out of the house equity, won’t my spouse have to sign? Can the court order him to do so? Are there other options?

Q. What if there are no liquid assets lying around – just a house, the land and the furniture and vehicles. There’s just too much case for the money! I’m down to my last $1,000 in the law firm trust account. I have no credit cards and I can’t get a loan.

Q. Please explain about the Clean Break Option. What does withdrawal involve?

Q. Are there any complicating factors?

Q. Can’t the firm keep working on my case? I know that I’ll eventually get some money!

Q. Well, let’s talk about other options. My account has at least $5,000 in it. Can’t we see if there are ways that I can get some help from the firm, but not at the “full-bore” litigation rate?

Q. How does the Coaching Option work?

Q. But you don’t understand! I just want my case over with! I want it done. I don’t want to be in court any more, and I definitely don’t want a “do-it-yourself” solution.

Q. How does the Quick Conclusion Option work?

Q. OK – tell me more. It sounds simple and easy!

Q. Can it get complicated?

Q. But that’s just awful. That’s not fair. Why should I have to give in?Q. Are there other problems with the Quick Conclusion Option?

Q. Are there any other options available to me when the money is about to run out?

* Reprinted with permission from (and prepared by) Mark Sullivan, of Sullivan & Tanner, P.A., Raleigh, NC.

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